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North American construction chemicals market trend analysis

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The famous US growth consulting company Frost & Sullivan (Frost & Sullivan) company in December 2013 issued a research report that the construction project by growth, market segmentation and product innovation brought North American chemicals regulatory policies and other factors The combined effects of the North American construction chemicals market to grow rapidly. Expected in the next few years, the North American construction chemicals market will maintain a sustained growth, investment potential.
Construction Chemicals is referred to the construction industry cover a wide application of various chemicals. In the Construction Chemicals, the main products include concrete admixtures, mortar horizon, waterproof compounds, repair and rehabilitation with agents and other different types of compounds. The construction industry in the past decade has an important development in terms of technology and application of the material, which also brought to the construction chemicals market changes accordingly.
Market Overview and Forecasts
Currently the construction chemicals market in North America has become mature and stable stage of development, in 2011 the total sales revenue meter market reached $ 2.1 billion, an increase of 0.7 per cent over the previous year. The increase was primarily from higher raw material prices, rather than to promote the new construction project. However, in the past few years, the vast majority of growth in the construction chemicals market is derived from the publicly funded construction projects. Expected 2018, the market could reach $ 2.8 billion, from 2011-2018 compound annual growth rate up to 4.0%.
From a market structure point of view, the construction chemicals market in accordance with the type of construction can be divided into three categories: residential construction market, non-residential construction markets, public construction. Sales revenue accounted for the three market segments was 32%, 31% and 37%. In recent years, non-residential construction market is the main driver of growth in the US construction chemicals market, and most come from publicly funded construction projects, including a series of stimulus in February 2009 through the related projects. With the waning impact of stimulus-funded projects, the US non-residential construction market will grow to rely instead on private funded projects.
Market drivers
1. increased demand for concrete admixtures
Because of good concrete prospects, the current North American market demand for top-quality concrete increases. The so-called first-class quality refers to the nature and properties of the concrete materialized, it depends on its constituent components. Added concrete admixtures can improve the mixing phase of construction, durability, mechanical properties of concrete and the like. Concrete admixtures play an important role in the concrete process. And people of concrete building performance improvement is expected to make rapid demand growth in concrete admixtures.
2. Technology and product innovation to promote the use of construction chemicals
Although traditional construction chemicals is still very popular in the market, but the major companies in order to distinguish themselves from competitors and to gain a place, they continue to develop and launch innovative products. The new products not only improved on its performance, but also take the initiative to encourage consumers to choose the appropriate product for their needs. Therefore, the technical and product innovation is an important factor for success in the North American construction chemicals market.
Promote the growth of construction chemicals applications 3. Increased industrial and commercial construction activities
Currently, the construction industry is driving growth in the North American construction chemicals market, especially to promote the role of commercial buildings and industrial buildings is particularly evident in two parts. Which shares the driving force includes some new government programs, are expected to increase demand for construction chemicals. The biggest potential market is concrete admixtures as well as repair and rehabilitation with agents.
The building regulations to promote the market demand for construction chemicals
Since building energy consumption by 17% to 40% of total energy consumption, the US government introduced the policy, the cost-benefit ratio of this indicator included in building codes. Mandatory government intervention will make to energy materials as the main building material of the buildings into the mainstream.
5. Construction Chemicals multiple advantages such that it can adapt to a variety of market applications
A variety of performance advantages construction chemicals makes it more and more sought after in the North American market. For example, when the concrete mixer, some admixture of water and the amount of cement can be reduced to a minimum, thereby reducing costs. In addition, consumers more choice thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO), high density polyethylene (HDPE) as a waterproof material, replace the old tradition of polymer modified asphalt. These new waterproof material for better durability, cost-effective and more convenient to use characteristics.
Regional differences in climate and environment 6. The United States needs to promote market
Mild climate throughout the year in most parts of the country, but there are some regional differences. Differences in climatic conditions so as to increase the demand for high performance admixtures and waterproofing chemicals.
Industry hinder force
1. mature market making business opportunities limited
Construction chemicals mainly used in residential buildings, commercial buildings, industrial buildings, as well as large-scale construction projects such as dams, bridges, harbors, airports and overpasses. As developed regions of North America, the construction project is far less than developing countries. In some parts of the East Coast, the market has been approaching saturation, is not conducive to the development of construction chemicals.
2. The profit margin reduction limit new investment
North America due to saturation of the market, the manufacturer's profit margin is greatly reduced, thus investment opportunities also will shrink, which will likely lead to market recession.
3.VOC (VOC) regulations restricting the use of related products
US EPA for VOC product definition is very broad, almost all volatile carbon-containing compounds are included VOC. In order to meet the requirements of VOC regulations, many manufacturers need to change the design of their products or formulations. These regulations are constantly changing, resulting in product subsequent substantial investment.
The high barriers to entry hinder the development of the market
Construction chemicals production steps range from fine raw material procurement, to accurately allocate multiple chemicals and then produce the appropriate product. Storage and processing of materials under appropriate conditions are important processes determine product performance. In addition to production and logistics, for the initial investment in technology and equipment, and training for use of the product it is also an important aspect of all of these factors are new competitors enter the market challenges, increasing the difficulty of the competition, which could lead to reduced investment in technological innovation , leading to the decline of the North American market.
5. The construction projects to reduce investment reduces the need of chemicals
Most parts of the building projects in North America are faced with the situation of investment reduction, especially new residential construction projects. Commercial building industry is already in a mature stage of its contribution to economic growth, even lower than the growth rate of GDP. So in recent years, few companies out of the market. Investors out of concerns about the return on investment period is very cautious, so the investment is also reduced....


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